Horsetail Falls, Desolation Wilderness – Jun.17.2017

Every time we visit Horsetail Falls in Desolation Wilderness, we’re instantly filled with joy. Not a long hike, but the combination of mountain, granite and water gives us a sense of awe and wonder that rivals any Sierra Nevada destination.

More of a playground than a hike, it’s a short mile and a quarter from trailhead to falls, and with all the open granite, and canyon that funnels you to the falls, you can take a different route each time. Of course always being mindful and respectful of the land. Once at the falls, there are endless options to fill the soul. It’s one of my favorite spots to meditate, as I really feel the connection to the environment and it demands you to be present. I can feel the thundering falls fill me as I breathe. The mind cannot wander as you climb your way up the falls, making your way over boulders, pecking your way through brush and navigating up steep slabs of granite. Every time we play here I encounter a moment when the fear, the one that comes with pushing your limits, finds it’s way into the pit of my stomach, and I feel stronger each time it happens.

Horsetail Falls itself is an incredible sight to behold. It is a section of Pyramid Creek that drops several hundred feet, cascade style, rampaging over ledges and boulders in majestic grace and beauty. There are endless spots to sit on the granite directly in contact with the tremendous power of these frigid waters, and feel the cooling mist and pools.

We first encountered this place just the two of us, and we felt so many wonderful emotions that we had to bring loved ones with us. We have done just that over the past year, giving our kids the chance to experience this magical, spiritual place. We’ve visited in the summer, went snowshoeing here during the winter when the granite changes to vast, untouched snow fields, and now late in the spring with the snowmelt at it’s peak, turning sections of trail into rivulets.

We will continue to come here, pushing ourselves a little more each time. Expanding our experience and feeding our sense of adventure. Looking to discover new wonders by experiencing the raw, pure beauty of nature.



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