Muir Woods – Dipsea Trail to Steep Ravine Trail – Apr.07.2018

Here we are again, in the Bay Area! It might take a couple of hours to get here, but it’s always, always worth it.

We started out at Stinson Beach and hiked the Dipsea to Matt Davis and finally Steep Ravine Trails.

This is absolutely my favorite type of hike – wet and fragrant earth, redwoods, plains overlooking the ocean and rolling hills, rushing watershed (April is THE best time of year to go) and wildlife! We saw a coyote roaming the hills during this hike and Don got some lovely photos of him that I hope he will blog soon.

Here is some information where you can find out more about the vast trail network in Muir Woods and navigation (and parking) options. Parking is free, but a little hard to find and fills up fast, so get there early!

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